{Jelly Monsters}

*Update: ^^^ This year (2013) we made them using silicone cupcake cases and store-bought candy eyes. Cute, aren't they?

Last week Princess Pea and I made jelly monsters for a special dessert!  

halloween treat jelly monsters jello

I made a double-pack of green jello in a large, rectangular dish. Then I cut it into rectangular blocks with a knife, but left the blocks in the dish (not sure if it might have been better to take them out first, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get them out at all without breaking them, so I thought we'd better make the monsters first so Princess Pea wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't work out and she couldn't do the monster part.)

We used tubes of black, purple, and orange gel icing to make monster faces on each block, and little balls for cake decorating as the eyeballs. The purple gel icing didn't turn out very well, though, and looked green against the green jello.

We were able to get them out (mostly) without breaking by taking out the corner block first to make space to get a wide spatula in there, then very carefully taking out each block.

The icing tasted gross, but it was fun to do and the green jello was delicious! (I'd forgotten just how yummy jello is!) And, of course, the kids thought they were hilarious! (Sweet Pea enjoyed smushing hers all up and eating the green goop with her hands! She does always love to play with her food!)

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