{Alphabet Mat Jumping School Game}

Princess Pea invented a game she calls 'Jumping School'. She's very proud of it!

The 'teacher' (me) calls out "start" and the 'students' (her) jump around all over the alphabet mat.

When the teacher calls out "stop", the students have to name the letters they're standing on.

Perhaps not the most original game in the world, but she's very proud of it!

Not a bad way to work on letter recognition, and get some active play in at the same time!

You could liven it up with some music if you like, and make it like musical statues!

*If you have an interest in how movement helps with learning, 
you might want to check out one of my favourite blogs, Moving Smart.

Addition: Since writing this post, I've discovered that ''jumping school" is the Hungarian name for hopscotch. So I guess this should really be titled 'Alphabet Mat Hopscotch Game'.


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