{Fairy Land - Small World Play}

Fairy Land in a Basket

for Small World Play

Princess Pea has been on a 'fairy kick' for some time now. In the summer, I found these fairy figurines on sale for a bargain, and picked up a square of fake grass at the dollar store to make a fairyland for them. Although they've both enjoyed playing with the fairies, I hadn't gotten around to making the fairy land until now. This weekend I finally put together Fairyland as a surprise for the girls. It actually took all of about 5 minutes - guess I should have done it a long time ago!

I set it up in a large wicker basket I picked up at the pumpkin festival a few weeks ago - perfect! Because it's in a basket, it's easily for them to carry it around to wherever they want to play.

When the girls saw it, they both fell instantly in love with it! It has gotten a LOT of use since then already! My girls are both super into imaginary play, and can spend the entire day in their imaginary play scenes even without any physical props. So this is right up their alley!

I used: pine cones, lego pieces, fairy and pony figurines, salt dough snakes and snails (made by Sweet Pea and her babysitter), pieces of sushi grass, a tent ...

... a Little People dragon, some tiny toadstools from my craft stash, pebbles, a butterfly on a toothpick from a plant we got as a gift, some of our many chestnuts, fake flowers and leaves, our sparkly pipecleaner flower rings, some lovely painted rocks by my grandmother, a Little People wagon, and a magnifying glass for examining the small things in this small world.

It looks so inviting, and really gets the imagination going; I'm tempted to play with it myself after they've gone to bed!