{Tissue Paper Suncatchers}

Saturday mornings have become our designated craft time since I started back at work this school year. The only problem is that I'm often not organized enough to have a plan ready by first thing on Saturday morning, and am certainly not up for actually doing any crafting until at least one cup of coffee later. But the girls (especially Princess Pea) are often eager to get started immediately (have I mentioned that they are up by 6:00 am every day of the week? Notice in the picture below that it was barely light out when we did this!)

Since our pumpkin suncatcher jack-o-lanterns were so easy to do, I thought I'd try another suncatcher craft with them in the hopes that they could do it fairly independently. We followed the same basic steps as we did with the pumpkin suncatchers, except this time we used scraps of tissue paper instead of crepe paper. These ones were even easier since there was no pumpkin shape to draw and cut out first.

All I had to do was cut the contact paper for them, help tape it face up on the table, and get the tissue paper out of the craft box. They did the rest themselves while I sat and watched them in a state of semi-consciousness, sipping my first coffee of the day! (I also helped with sandwiching the contact sheets together at the end - by then I'd finished the cup and was able to apply the necessary fine motor skills.)

They look so pretty taped on our kitchen window!

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