{Pressing Leaves}

Princess Pea brought home a lovely bunch of autumn leaves the other day
(actually, she does that every day - nothing new there!)

But on this particular day she had a very specific idea in mind for what she wanted to do with them
(whew! I'm really running out of ideas and we have piles of dried up leaves all over the house!)

She told me she needed some heavy books.
I helped her gather all her favourite 'Anna, Peti, es Gergo' books,
plus some other heavy story compendiums.

She set straight to work filling up the pages with her leaves.

Then we stacked all the books up in a tall pile.

The next morning, the moment she woke up, she jumped out of bed and ran straight to peek inside the books. She was so excited to see that the leaves were perfectly smooth and flat as paper,
just as she had hoped they would be!

Now, what to do with all these perfectly smooth, flat leaves?...

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