{Rice Sensory Tub}

The other day after breakfast, I decided it was definitely time for a new sensory tub

This time I thought we'd go really simple with just some plain, white rice.

Sweet Pea explored the texture of the rice and the dry floury powder it left behind on her hands.

After exploring the rice by itself, we added some utensils - a small spoon and a couple of small containers.




She loved the way it felt to stick her hands in the tub full of rice, and let it fall through her fingers.

After a while, we added some figurines.

The figurines got to play a little hide and seek.

Not quite sure what this poor fairy did to deserve this!

Sweet Pea amused herself for about an hour and half with this just at the first sitting and has come back to it many times since! When Princess Pea got home she dove right in too.
(in fact, I ended up having to set up two rice tubs)

It is a bit messy, so I tried to contain the rice as best I could by putting the tubs on trays and in a big roasting pan. Quite a lot did escape, though, but it was easy to suck up the escapees with the hand vacuum afterwards. (We keep ours on the charger right next to the dinner table for easy clean-up.)

The rice was perfect for standing the figures up in. It would be easy to take this a step further and turn it into a small world, as Sunhats and Wellie Boots did!

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