{Breakfast-time Sensory Play}

We all know that sensory play is great for little ones. And there are loads of fabulous sensory play ideas out there in the blogosphere that involve all sorts of mediums for creating sensory activities for your child.

Ours is a bit simpler. Perfect for when you don't have sensory materials on hand, don't have a container available to hold them, or just days when you can't be bothered and need a fast, easy play idea. Or for every day. Like we do it :-)

Every day Sweet Pea creates her own sensory play experience - with her breakfast cereal! She eats quite sensibly until she's had enough, then she plunges her hands in there, scoops, squishes, smears, tastes, wipes, and gets it all over her hands, arms, face, neck, and hair. (I stop short of letting her throw it.)

Yes, it's a lot of clean-up every morning. Yes, mornings are busy enough already. Yes, sometimes I do have to just put her straight into the bath before we take Princess Pea to preschool. Yes, we are often late for preschool! And yes, we usually do get there and then notice in the different light that she's still got some of it crusted on her ears and eyelids.

But look how much she's enjoying herself while learning - how could I put a stop to that?

How about you? Do you let your kids play with their food?

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