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Our Week Outdoors: Mud Pies

My mother always joked that as kids, I could go out to the garden and make mud pies in my best, white, party dress and come in spotless, while my sister just had to walk down the garden path and all the dirt just jumped up onto her.

I think my girls may be following suit. Princess Pea is such a girly girl and really doesn't like getting very dirty or sticky. I wish she would spend more time engaged in messy play, as I believe it's really good for her, but it's hard to get her to enjoy it. Sweet Pea, on the other hand, needs a full hose-down and shampoo after every meal! (Not that she gets it after every meal, but she does really need it!)

Anyway, this week I was so happy to see my two peas in the garden making mud pies! The frequent thunderstorms we've been having left a pool of water in the outdoor play kitchen in the sandbox. While it was no surprise to find Sweet Pea digging around in it, I was pleased to see Princess Pea in there too! (Mr. Pea, however, was a bit less pleased to come home from work expecting to eat right away, and instead finding the girls up to their elbows in mud and in need of pre-dinner baths!)

Perhaps I should direct Mr. Pea to this wonderful post by Jenny at Let The Children Play.

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