{Guest Post - Sand Art}

Maggy of the fantastic Red Ted Art is kindly guest posting today. She's sharing this toddler-friendly sand art idea with us - a perfect kids' craft for summertime!

The UK has been blessed with some beautiful weather, so like many, we headed down to our favourite beach on the South Coast! It is always a wonderful visit, as we go with friends that we don’t see so often. And it is wonderful to see the children play and have fun together… of course it is also an opportunity to collect stones and shells! And this time we also took some sand home!

The Craft

I have seen many wonderful blogs using contact paper with the little ones – it is such a great craft for the under 2s as there is no “getting messy with glue” or “sticky shapes sticking to your fingers”. It is also fabulous for SAND!

So.. we have several “thank you cards” that we “owe”, so we decided to make some cards.

Materials: Foam for fish (but you can use coloured card or anything lying around), contact paper, sand, card, masking tape

Time: the craft itself is quick, but the “set time” (cutting fish, contact paper), takes longer. Give yourself a leisurely 45min – an hour

1) Cut out some “under the sea” creatures, we did lots of fish, some jelly fish and some starfish. Older children who can “assemble” a picture better, could add some seaweed and rocks and shells

2) Stick some contact paper, sticky side up, on the table with masking tape – the masking tape also makes for a “nice clean board”.

3) Stick your shapes (nice and hard) and then add your sand and spread it nicely

4) Remove all masking tape and stick on your final card. Add a board if you like (Red Ted insisted!)

Find more kids' craft ideas at Red Ted Art! There you can also find the original version of this sand art post.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Maggy! We will definitely be hitting the beach this summer!