{Lost in Strawberryland}

I'm busy this week preparing for Princess Pea's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party on Saturday. I can't believe she's going to be 4!!

She's been obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake since her last birthday when we gave her the figurine you see in the picture here and a DVD. Since then she has incorporated Strawberry Shortcake and her baby sister Apple Dumplin' into her imaginary play every single day. They live at our house, you know. And they're in her class at preschool too. They sleep in her bed. She even has a picture of "Strawberry" (as her friends call her) taped to the wall next to her bed that she kisses every night before going to sleep.

So a Strawberry Shortcake party seemed like a great idea - months ago. As it turns out, Strawberry Shortcake is very hard to find in Hungary! I had to order these party supplies from the US! (We got the figurine last year in Austria).

On Saturday we're expecting 14 children aged 3-7, plus 5 or so baby siblings, and all of their parents. We're planning to have the party in the garden with lots of outdoor running-around games. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is heavy rain and thunderstorms! Yikes! How many people do you suppose we can squeeze into our 2-bedroom apartment???