{Chalk Painting}

Recently there have been lots of posts floating around the blogosphere about chalk painting (haven't seen them? Look here, here, here, and for an extra fun version check here). Every time I see one of these posts, I think, "oh yeah, I really want to try that!", but then I never get around to it.

But no worries - in the meantime, Sweet Pea discovered how to do chalk painting all by herself anyway!

It started with some chalk drawing at the easel.

Combined with some water & brush painting.

And pretty soon the chalk was dipped into the water pot.

And suddenly, this wet chalk made much brighter, more vibrant marks on the chalkboard!

So into the water went some more chalk.
And this time she let it soak for a minute, while she watched the air bubbles rise up to the surface.

And some more.

And then it was fished out, and the chalk drawing continued...

on the floor (but no problem - since it's just chalk, it wipes up with a dry cloth/tissue!)

 Now she loves dipping and soaking her chalk sticks in the water
and trying out new methods of chalk painting (note the two-chalk-sticks-in-one-hand method)!

She's an artistic genius, I tell ya'! ;-p