{Dying Easter Eggs}

Today we did some egg dying. 3/4 cup water to 1 Tbsp white vinegar, plus a whole lot of food colouring (we can only buy brown eggs here, so we need to use a lot of colouring to get clear colours). We let the eggs soak in the dye mixture for a few minutes.

I really like the sort of speckled pattern of the dye, though it wasn't deliberate and I'm not sure I could tell you how to do it on purpose!

While they were drying I went grocery shopping. When I came back, Princess Pea had completely independently gotten out her stickers and decorated them! (Actually, she'd also gotten out her pom poms, googly eyes and feathers, but the glue stick was dried up, so she problem-solved and used the stickers instead!)

What a nice job she did, and I'm so impressed that she just went ahead and did them without me, all of her own accord!

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PS - Does it sound like I left my 3 year old child home alone while I went shopping? For the record, Grandma Pea was home with her, but was busy in the kitchen while all this was going on.