{Happy Monday - Cottage Salvage}

This weekend we went to Great-Grandma Pea's cottage to 'help' clean it out in preparation for selling it (as you can imagine, with a three year old and a 1 year old, we were a lot of help!). It was a bit of an adventure - packing everyone up for the daytrip, picnic, baby food, diaper bag, spare clothes, stroller, Ergo carrier, toys and books to amuse the kids all day long, 2 cars to take all of us plus Grandma Pea, Grandpa Pea and Great-Grandma Pea ... and when we got there, it turned out that Great-Grandma Pea had brought the wrong keys! LOL. Fortunately, we were able to get the spare key from a neighbour, when they returned from shopping.

Anyway, while things were being tossed left, right, and centre onto a truck, I managed to salvage a couple of items that I'm so thrilled with!

This white wooden table has a little drawer in it - perfect for putting Princess Pea's gardening tools in, and her flower pots and such can go on top.

And I love this old wooden box. I think we'll use it for storing Princess Pea's collection of rocks and pine cones and nuts and things she finds out and about.

There were also some old glass marbles that Daddy Pea used to play with as a little boy, so we kept those for the girls, and a windchime - to annoy the neighbours (hehe....retaliation for trying to poison us?). Just kidding! We'll probably just hang on the inside of the kitchen window.

Happy Monday!