{Paint the Town Red!}

Just because you may find it harder to 'paint the town red' now that you have little ones in your life, doesn't mean you can't paint the driveway!

Sweet Pea and I took out a bucket of water and some paintbrushes today, and painted the bricks in the driveway.

Hmmm....maybe she's going to be left-handed like her mother?

Or maybe not.

You could also use watered-down waterbased paints if you really want to paint things red - just hose it down afterwards (or wait for the rain to do it).

See more water painting here!

By the way, a quick mommy-tip for you: A couple of minutes before this, she slipped and cut her lip a little - I gave her one of the soothers (binkies/pacifiers/dummies) I keep in the freezer for her (many) cut lip owies. I just give it a quick rinse to avoid frostbite, then she pops it in. Much easier than trying to get her to let me put ice on it!


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