{Painting Easter Eggs}

When I was out shopping the other day, I spotted some plastic easter eggs in the seasonal bin. They had small ones and big ones, so I picked up a package of 6 big ones. I thought it might be fun for the kids to paint them - a different take on easter egg decorating! (I picked the big ones as I thought they'd be easier for little hands.)

So last night after dinner, we got out the paints, the plastic tablecloth, the eggs, some brushes, and a couple of damp rags.

Princess Pea used brushes and IKEA paint to paint hers (I don't know what kind of paint that is - tempera, maybe?). She made spots, splotches, lines, and a handprint.

She learned a bit of colour-mixing along the way. Blue + Red = Purple. + White = Lighter Purple.

Then she painted Grandma.

Sweet Pea used the fingerpaints. She squashed the paint up in her hands, then grabbed the eggs, smearing the paint over them in the process. They were slippery and hard to hold on to, which resulted in lots of paint smearing as she kept fumbling and trying to catch them.

Then she painted Daddy.

Then she decided Daddy looked scary with paint on his face.

Papo painted a self-portait on his egg.


PS - In the end, the ones with the IKEA paints look brighter and more colourful (although that could also have been partly due to colour choices on the green, orange, and yellow eggs), but the paint is peeling off the plastic surface now that they're dry. The fingerpaints have stuck on much better.

PPS - After dinner is my new favourite time to paint - straight from the painting table to the bathtub! Love it!

PPPS - Update: I've since learned that if you mix a little dishwashing liquid into the paint, it doesn't peel off the plastic surface :-)