{Our Week Outdoors: April 22-28}

A photographic story of our outdoor play this week....

(Not as exotic as last week's outdoor adventures in beautiful Slovenia, but good, homegrown fun nonetheless!)

Playing with friends at our annual Easter Egg Hunt...a little rain didn't stop them from having fun chasing each other around the garden!

Adventures in the garden - Aside from the usual playing on the swings, making cakes in the sandbox, going down the slide, and games of hide-and-seek, Sweet Pea discovered the steps up to the parking lot of the next building, and in about 5 seconds she was up them. That baby loves to climb!

Taking a snack break from bike/car riding. Princess Pea got a new, big-girl bike for Easter, and Sweet Pea is learning to ride the Bobby car. So we spent time in the driveway trying out our new skills, which turned out to be mostly sitting stationary while eating muffins! I guess balancing is the first skill, right?

Lots of dandilion-blowing!

Yep, this baby loves to climb! And this broken bench is just so tempting!

Chalk drawing and water painting on the driveway - I love art activities that don't involve any clean up! And because they're so easy to put away, we can always find time to do some art.

Trying out the new climbing wall at our favourite restaurant - to our complete surprise, quick as a flash she was up and over the top!

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