{Packing for our Journey}

We are taking a long car trip this week. I've started to put together some things to amuse the little peas along the way, and for during our stay.

By chance I stumbled upon these little bag containers at IKEA the other day (see top right of picture). They have a hard ring around the top to hold the shape, and handles on each side. I thought they seemed like the perfect solution to the 'Muuuuuuum, I dropped my _____!' and accompanying tears when I can't reach it for them, that I usually have to endure endlessly in the car. I figure I'll pack one of these with Princess Pea's little odds and ends, and she can keep it on the seat next to her. The handles should make it easy for her to get at it even from her carseat, and hopefully everything will remain contained in one place in the car. I'll probably keep one for Sweet Pea next to me, as otherwise she'll immediately just dump the entire contents. And one has our 5-A-Day books in it.

So, here are my plans for what to take for them:

A puzzle in a frame, which I've packed inside a large folder to hold the pieces
A travel plasticine set (inspired by Christie at Childhood 101!)
Stickers and mini sticker album (not shown)
A Brain Quest quiz card set - not for the car, but I thought it might be useful while waiting at restaurants, etc.
Crayons and a mini colouring block for Princess Pea
A ball and a car for when we get there or for exercise stops along the way

Magnetic Dress-Up book with clothing magnets
A few figurines
Play mobile phones (a favourite!)
A hardback spiral notebook and our chunky homemade crayons for Sweet Pea

Our 5-A-Day books
An animal matching game
Some soft books that Sweet Pea can hold and read herself in the car

We'll also take:

One favourite snuggly for each of them
Maracas for each of them
A small, plastic teaset - cups, bowls, spoons (for imaginary play - they both love these)
Princess Pea's camera

This will probably be more than we need, but I find it's definitely better to overpack for the kids' amusement than underpack - if it's rains all week, we'll definitely need it all! I won't pack everything together, I'll just put a few items in their little bags, and add others as needed along the way.


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