{Our Week Outdoors: April 15-21}

No Wordless Wednesday this week, instead I'm catching up from Friday's missed 'Our Week Outdoors' post.

Wow! We had the most fabulous week outdoors this week! We took a family vacation to Slovenia - what a beautiful country! We stayed in the Lake Bled/Lake Bohinj area, two beautiful lakes nestled in a valley in the alps. We went there in December and in the winter it's just like a Christmas card scene. This trip, in the spring, was just as beautiful with all the blossoms on the trees, the tulips and daffodils blooming in the gardens of the farmhouses, cows grazing in the fields, and lush green on the mountains. Next trip we'll have to try it in the autumn!

There are a LOT of pictures coming up, so brace yourself!

Riding the tractor at the guesthouse where we stayed


Examining a snail shell found on a hike along a gorge

We found a bird's nest too, built right on the rocky side of the gorge - a swallow perhaps?

 An evening stroll to the lake

Checking out a spider web shimmering in the sunlight

  Sitting on the dock, enjoying the warm weather

 Throwing rocks in the lake

Sweet Pea enjoyed the feel of the pebbles

Found the world's best stick - with a deep groove down the middle, perfect for rolling pebbles down

Stopping to smell the spring flowers

Taking in the view from atop the castle

 Princess Pea made some friends - the boys who live at the guesthouse. How fabulous is this for a backyard to play in?!

Feeding the ducks

Stopping to look up at the trees on a hike up the mountain to a beautiful waterfall

 Swans need fed too.They ate right out of our hands. Oh, and all that yellow stuff in the water? Pollen! Yup, my allergies were horrendous the whole time!

Um, can you tell that I'm absolutely SMITTEN with my new Hipstamatic app for my iPhone?? (Thanks to Anna for recommending it!)

And here are a few more that aren't 'hip':

Making a fairy house

I've realised that my girls don't have enough logs and dirt piles in their lives. Or dinosaurs.

Enjoying a nap on Mummy's back during a hike

 Princess Pea did a great job hiking all the way up to the waterfall (even though she complained most of the way!)

Sweet Pea was fascinated by the ducks and swans

Watching the sun set over the mountains. (How cute is that little hand on Daddy's knee?!)

You don't have to take a family vacation to get outdoors with your kids, but it sure does make it extra enjoyable!


Have you checked out the links on the sidebar? They are full of more ideas of fun things to do with your kids!