{Drawing Nursery Rhymes}

This week, Sweet Pea and I were playing with her AquaDoodle mat (have you seen these? It's a mat that you draw on with water-filled pens, and the water makes marks on the mat that fade as it dries. Brilliant, no-clean-up way for little artists to try out early mark-making and drawing skills while Mummy or Daddy makes dinner, without ending up with a crayon mural on your living room wall! - and no, this isn't a sponsored post!)

As we were painting, I was singing her some rhymes (did you read Anna's recent post about the importance of nursery rhymes?). I started doing some signing and finger-actions to go with them, but then I decided to try drawing the rhymes as I sang them. I had to draw quickly, partly to keep up with the song, and partly because the picture disappears within a couple of minutes, but it was the perfect way to a) draw her attention to the rhymes while still allowing her to continue with her water/painting explorations, and b) aid her understanding of the vocabulary of the rhymes with some visuals. Plus, she just enjoys watching the pictures disappear before her eyes!

I wonder, can you guess what rhymes these were??


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