{No Jumping On The Couch!}

In the Pea household, we have three Family Rules:

1. Always listen (this is our great catch-all rule)
2. Always tell the truth
3. Don't hurt anyone

They are posted on the fridge, written with rebus picture prompts.

In addition, there are several unwritten but often stated rules (which means they fall under Family Rule #1): e.g.., take your shoes off, share, and No Jumping On The Couch!

On Sunday morning Mr. Pea took the kids out to the living room and let me sleep in a little. Later, I found these pictures on our camera....

Notice there's even a prop: The kiddie step stool from the bathroom has been brought out for use as a launchpad. No chance these were spontaneous and accidental, then!

Busted! All of you!!!

(Though I do appreciate the lie-in!)