{Happy Monday: Appreciation}

Princess Pea is such a Daddy's girl, I was really hoping that with #2 I might at least get to have one that's 'mine'. Alas, recently Sweet Pea has become all about Daddy too.

When she wakes up, the first thing she says is her sister's name. The second thing is 'Daddy'. It stops there. Every time she hears anyone come in or out of the building (our kitchen window is right above the front entrance) it's the same thing. Her sister? No, honey, she's at preschool. Daddy! No, not him either, sorry.

When Daddy gets home from work they both scream and throw themselves at him. When I come or go nobody blinks an eye. Sigh.

I think that it's because mothers are always around. Like part of the furniture. We are the ones that make sure they brush their teeth, take their vitamins, don't watch too much TV, and generally enforce the rules all day long. We are such a drag, really. (What? We did crafts today? When? What playground?) We may give them soft, sweet kisses and whisper "I love you" a hundred times a day, but what they'll remember of the day is that Daddy came home and flew them around like airplanes.

Maybe when I go back to work I'll get greeted like that too. But that's a big price to pay for a little appreciation.

Yesterday was Mother's Day in our family (as for many families around the world, but not here). Usually, it's a day like any other. But this year, I got the best present ever. Coffee in bed, snuggles, and, best of all, I didn't have to get the girls ready to go out! (It was secretly my dream Mother's Day gift, but I never thought for a moment it would happen!) Daddy took care of it. He gave them their breakfast and cleaned up afterwards. He picked out outfits for them (one of his greatest stressors) and got them dressed. He packed all the things they needed for our outing. Sweet Pea's sippy cup was filled and diaper bag stocked. Princess Pea's teeth were brushed, and even her hair was combed!

Now, they're both snuggled in to Daddy on the couch, battling for space on his lap. But at least I was appreciated by Daddy yesterday! Thanks Daddy Pea!


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