{Outdoor Play link up! Our Week Outdoors: May 6-12}

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! We are debuting our brand-spanking-new Outdoor Play link-up, hosted by me, An Amazing Child, and Greening Sam and Avery! I can't wait to see what you all post here, and to gather new ideas for playtime outdoors!

So, first up, Our Week Outdoors. This has been a regular feature here at Mama Pea Pod for a while. To see my other Our Week Outdoors posts, see here.

This week, we've been lucky enough to have gorgeous weather pretty much every day. So, we've been outside a lot, and there's been plenty of fun events going on around here! We've had 3 picnics in the past week, been to a festival, had a BBQ party at a friend's house, visited a nearby playground we hadn't been to in ages, tried out some dandilion art, blown bubbles, and Princess Pea even went on her very first field trip! (I don't have pictures of that since I wasn't there, but she went with her preschool to a farm where they fed horses and rode on a little train).

  Dandilion art, inspired by 5 orange potatoes

Princess Pea added some leftover Easter grass and a baby plum to her picture

"Mummy, here's your strawberry-raspberry tea with lavender honey in it. Be careful, it's hot!"

Blowing bubbles in the garden. (As is often the case in the Pea household, this was a pants-optional activity.)

Feeding the carp at the Europe Day festival

The festival included a giant stack of haybales for climbing on - very fun!

Getting her face painted to match her shirt

  Making new friends in the basket swing at the playground. We have a date with the boy on the left next week.

Good, old-fashioned child's play at a friend's house

While Princess Pea has been busy enjoying all these big-kid activities, Sweet Pea has been tagging along and enjoying them in her own way - playing in the dirt, poking around with sticks, getting tickled by the grass and hay, screwing tops on, (more) climbing, chasing after the big kids at top crawling speed, and has even started taking an interest in walking upright (with support)!

Our dandilion art afternoon turned into an impromptu picnic when Daddy Pea came home with take-out.

Practicing her fine motor skills

  What a clever girl!

 I love the expression on her face here as she feels the grass!

 A climbing activity? Oh, yes, you can bet she was right in there with the 4-7 year olds! She didn’t seem to mind the pokey straw at all, even when it got inside her diaper!

So, now for the best part….your turn to share!

How did you spend your week outdoors? 

Share your outdoor play with us. Here’s just a few guidelines for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing.

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