{Our Week Outdoors: April 29-May 5}

Our outdoor play this week....

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Although Princess Pea's preschool is not far from our house, it's a bit too far for her to walk, especially coming home uphill, so we usually drive. Sometimes we take the bus, then we just have to walk the uphill part. But even that is hard for her. This week I decided to try something different - I parked halfway there and walked the rest of the way. That way, she just had to walk half way back along the flat road, then we could drive up the hilly part! Unfortunately, wouldn't you know it, the one day we walked and it rained! It came on suddenly and we were completely unprepared - no umbrellas, no jackets, no rain cover for the stroller. Our only picture from the walk is of Princess Pea running as fast as she can to the car before the downpour starts! (We almost made it.)

After having been busy with houseguests for more or less the last two months, our week this week has been pretty quiet as we have some downtime at home. Although the weather hasn't been so cooperative, with rain and suddenly cold temperatures, Sweet Pea has been exploring the garden more and more, taking off on her own to crawl all over a wider and wider area - including the parking area, the steps up to the next door parking lot, the steps down to the road, the thorn bushes....though I try to give her as much freedom as possible to explore and learn about nature in our garden, it's getting hard to take pictures as I'm constantly having to jump up and whisk her away from some danger or another!

We also had some fun playing with a big friend in the garden.

Helping her friend with her homework

Swinging is standard

And just chillin' in her new sunhat and shades!

The true highlight of our week outdoors was the three hours the girls spent at a really cool playground with Daddy Pea and Great-Grandma Pea while Mama Pea was hosting the children's book party. Unfortunately, they didn't take the camera :-( Oh well, next time.


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